Metzingen and wine? Does that fit? Very well even!

Regionally grown, internationally appreciated. Connoisseurs and enthusiasts appreciate the viticultural tradition, whose origin can be traced back to the 11th century.

With around 30 hectares of cultivated area, the Weingärtnergenossenschaft Metzingen-Neuhausen e.V. is one of the smallest producer associations in the "Weinland Württemberg" - but the products are delicious.

The Kelternplatz with its ensemble of seven historic wine presses is still a witness to this wine-growing tradition.

Further traces of the viticulture can be found on the wine adventure trail in the vineyards of Metzingen.

As the southernmost wine-growing municipality in the Württemberg wine region, Metzingen is also part of the Württemberg wine route.

The wine adventure trail

Ein kleines Häuschenrechts im Weinberg Weinberg mit Blick auf die Dächer von Metzingen

Experience viticulture and enjoy the beautiful landscape – this connects the wine adventure trail in Metzingens’ vineyards.

On two circular routes connected to each other with 2,5km length each, you get closer to the origin and character of our wines with every step.

50 information points inform about viticulture, geology as well as flora and fauna in the vineyard.


The Kelternplatz

Blick aus der Vogelperspektive auf die Dächer der Sieben Keltern

The listed building ensemble today forms the cultural center of the city. Here, the viticultural tradition is at home.

Built, to protect the biggest wine press trees with which grapes were pressed that time, today there are situated the wine museum, the wine shop, the library, the weekly market and gastronomy.


The wine museum

Zwei Frauen betrachten ein großes Weinfaß im Weinbaumuseum

In the wine museum, with educational concept, the world of wines and viticulture can be experienced and enjoyed with all senses.

27 stations and many impressive exhibits lead through the regional history of viticulture and take you through a time travel through wine.

But not only eyes are needed – the products from Metzingen’s vineyard may also be tasted during guided tours.


The Vinotheque

Die Vinothek, im Vordergrund ein großer Baum
A visit to the Vinotheque is an absolute must for all wine lovers. As Metzingen’s wines and sparkling wine variations are fully trendy.

The well-assorted wine racks promise pure pleasure. The range extends from simple and honest quality wines to barrique wines and noble sparkling wines.


The Wengerter house

Wengerter Haus mit grünen Fensterläden und Weinranken an der Fassade

A little away in the shade of the imposing wine presses there is situated a very special gem: the Wengerter house.

The former day-labourer's house is today the venue for hearty wine tastings. Garnished with Swabian vesper, all the Metzingen’s wine pallet can be tasted.


The event press

Menschen feiern in der Kelter, im Hintgergrund singt ein Paar

The "Äußere Stadtkelter", which is characterised by Metzingen's viticultural tradition, offers around 319 square meters of space for events of all kinds. People like to party here often and with pleasure!

The annual highlight of events is the Sieben Keltern Fest which is popular far beyond the borders of Metzingen..

Book festive press

Wine culture and enjoyment - in Metzingen a liaison for discoverers and connoisseurs!