Feel free like a bird that can overlook everything – that is what this inspiring hiking trail is for.  Anyone who takes the path to the Hohen Warte and climbs this tower will literally feel this freedom.

The view opens a new world, far over the Swabian Alb, down to the Ermstal with its meadows and colourful vineyards.

At the horse breeding farm St. Johann, man and animal are in harmony with nature.

Who takes a view into the Höllenlöcher in Dettingen, feels the origin of the Alb. An old beech forest lead to the next viewpoint, the Gelben Fels. From there you can enjoy a view of the Albtrauf and the ruins of the castle Hohenneuffen.

And for all those who get hungry because of so much freedom, there are refreshment stops or barbecue areas along the way.

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