Metzingen, Tübingen and Reutlingen in common cause

Already for many years, the cities Metzingen, Tübingen and Reutlingen present themselves as city pearls with a joint trade fair presentation on the CMT – the worldwide largest public fair for tourism and leisure in Stuttgart.
With the hashtag #stadthochdrei, the long-held idea of creating a uniform "umbrella brand" took shape, thus establishing joint marketing of the cities as a tangible and attractive holiday and excursion destination.

Together successful with the community

We are pleased if every single user completes #stadthochdrei with his own content from our three cities in the areas culture (cultural heritage), culinary, lifestyle and attitude to life.

Be part of the community! Post your content of #stadthochdrei, follow @stadthochdrei on Instagram and experience the region!

A common project of the city pearls MMT – Metzingen Marketing und Tourismus GmbH, WIT Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Tübingen mbH, Bürger-​ und Verkehrsverein Tübingen e.V. as well as StaRT – Stadtmarketing und Tourismus Reutlingen GmbH.